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Welcome to the Wiccan Wonder Shop! Everything you'll need for Spells, Rituals and Ceremonies of Wicca and Paganism.

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Welcome to Wiccan Wonder. Our online Wiccan shop holds a wondrous selection of items, from Wiccan ritual tools, clothing, books and leather items, to jewelry that takes your breath away. We have a section of beautiful art pieces and glassware in gorgeous Celtic knot work. We also carry a line of bath soaps, bath salts and soon to come, our own line of powder incense, made by hand. Ritual robes, for Pagan and Wiccan religious ceremonies, are also available. The Wiccan Wonder store is here to supply all you need for Wiccan Witchcraft.

Wiccan Wonder Shop is not just business, but also religion and spirituality. We wish to share with all who are seeking the knowledge of Wicca. To this end we have free information on the uses of healing herbs,  spells to help you live a more magickal life, ethics of magickal workings and the Wiccan religion, and recipes for cooking, spell workings, ritual baths and charm bags. We will also list color correlations used in witch craft and the moon phases to optimize the timing of your spells.

It is our goal to show witches, witchcraft, pagan and Wiccan traditions in the best light possible and to offer one and all the tools they may be looking for, or the perfect gift for one they care about who follows the path of Wicca. We also will have Wiccaning information, gifts and information on handfastings and other aspects of the Wiccan religion. We hope you will enjoy your time on our site and that it will lead you down new and wondrous paths of discovery.

Blessed Be!

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