Celebrated on the Summer Solstice (June 21). This is the longest day and shortest night of the year and when the Sun is at the height of it's power.
Also known as Litha ( a word with origins in Anglo-Saxon names for this time of year).

Wiccans celebrate Midsummer as a holy time of gratitude for light and the life it brings. Wiccan Midsummer rituals revolve around nature in it's full abundance. There are countless ways to celebrate this occasion, and, as with most Sabbats, the most common are gatherings of friends, feast, festivals and more.
For the feast, even though the Harvest has barely begun, some things are ready by this time, so fresh fruits and vegetables are staples at Midsummer. Many wild herbs and berries ripen in many areas and gathering these for the celebration is a very old tradition, indeed.

One of the most ancient traditions; bonfires are lit on hilltops to honor the Sun God at the height of His strength and vigor! While a hilltop may not be available to you, any sacred fire will do. Just be smart and be safe, obey local laws and don't let your fire get out f control!

In Ireland, to this day, many towns hold Midsummer Carnivals, fairs with concerts, fireworks and other celebrations.


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