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Wicca is a peaceful way of life which promotes harmonious and balanced  oneness with Nature, seeing the divine in all things. Wiccan Religion worships a balance of Masculine AND Feminine in the God and Goddess. Many groups include specific male and female deities from pre-christian time. Wicca is a Pagan religion, technically Neo-Pagan because it is a very new religion, a reconstruction of the 'Old Religion', drawing from ancient pagan religions (mostly European).

Most Wiccans also identify as witches, not in the Halloween sense, but more like the wise people and healers of ancient tribes and villages. But not all Witches are Wiccan, there are MANY neo-pagan belief systems and traditions out there.

Wiccan religion encourages free  thought and free will for the individual, Wicca encourages learning and study of Earth and nature. The more you learn about such things, the more it affirms divinity in all living things.  Wicca also teaches personal responsibility.   We accept responsibility for our actions and deeds, the choices we make and the consequences.

Wiccans believe in religious freedom.   All paths lead to the same end. Wicca does not proselytize or attempt to convert anyone to our beliefs in any way.   

Many Wiccan traditions teach the 'Rule of Three'; whatever you put out into the Universe comes back to you threefold. This not only encourages one to foster love and compassion in the world, but at the same time, discourages negativity such as revenge, resentment, anger and lashing out at others both physically and magickally.

THE WICCAN REDE is common to all Wiccan traditions, it states; "An it Harm none, do what ye will" (with several variations from group to group), but the meaning remains the same: If it causes no harm, do what you will. But doing no harm should include yourself. With the Rule of Three and the Wiccan Rede, you can see, there is no room for curses, negative magick or anything that interferes with anyone else's free will. They also help develop and define a better moral compass.

Most Wiccan Groups include a belief in the five classical elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. These five elements are invoked during many magical rituals, notably when consecrating a magic or ritual circle. Each element represents aspects of nature and of ourselves, with Spirit connecting them all.
These five elements are often represented through the ancient symbol of the pentagram (sometimes referred to as a Pentacle), upright with Spirit being the top point of the pentagram.

MAGIC, MAGICK, MAJICK (You'll encounter a variety of spellings).
A Magic Spell is like a more proactive form of prayer.
We use magick to push our will into the world, most Wiccan spells end with the phrase, "for the good of all" as a safeguard to ensure it doesn't violate our morality or basic tenets.
I have found that the most effective spells are the kind used to transform myself.

Wiccan celebrations honor both the cycles of the Moon (Esbats usually Goddess centered), and the cycles of the Sun (Sabbats usually more centered on the Masculine Divinity or God).
The cycles of the Sun, the Sabbats, generally mark seasonal changes and Solstices. More on Sabbats in the article dedicated to them

Wicca, at it's core, worships Nature. We commune with nature and strive to become more 'at one' with nature. Our belief is that man is not superior to any other life, we are part of the greater whole, both seen and unseen, that encompasses the Earth, Nature, Life and the Universe.


Wicca is far from a missionary religion, we have no interest in converting anyone to our beliefs or way of life. People come to Wicca through their own research and, when interested, will strive to learn more. If they wish to continue, they will either join a group or become a 'Solitary Witch', through their own reading, research and practice.

Wicca is not a 'cult'.   We do not proclaim ourselves to be spokespersons for the divine or try to get others to follow us as their leaders.

Wicca does not hold any belief in Satan or Demons.  A person who belives in Satan must also believe in Jesus, as Satan is the Antichrist. We hold no opinion on either.

The Masculine divinity is often represented, metaphorically, as the horned God. The horns representing male fertility and Vigor. This is a very ancient representation pre-dating Christianity by Millennia!

So, how did Satan get his horns? When the European church spread throughout Europe, they often turned old Gods into demons and the Horned God became a representation of the Christian Satan, in an effort to turn the population away from the Old Ways and convert to the new religion.

We do not engage in animal or human sacrifice because that would violate our basic tenant of "Harm None' and is extremely offensive to Wiccans.  Anyone who does and claims to be a Wiccan is lying or severely misinformed.

We have no need to steal or control the life force of another to achieve mystical or supernatural powers.   We draw our energy from within, our personal relationship with the divine and nature.

We do not use magic spells to hex or cast spells on others.   Again, "Harm None" is our most basic tenet.

One Halloween, I bought a pumpkin from a patch at a local Methodist church. The pumpkin came with a bonus! A pamphlet warning of the dangers of Wicca and Witchcraft. It was, of course full of misinformation, simply made up with zero historical or factual basis. The one thing that stood out the most was that 'Samhain' is an evil god of death and a soul stealer.
Samhain (pronounced 'Sow-en'), is an old Irish word and one of the major Sabbats of Wicca and a major seasonal festival of ancient Celts. It simply marks the New Year and the transition from Summer to Winter occuring on Oct.31 to Nov 1. In fact, The base word is still the name for the month of November in the Irish language. The origin and EXACT meaning of the word is actually unknown, lost to mists of time.
Of course, this was not just offensive to me as a Pagan, but even more so to my Irish heritage!
Seems like people will make up anything, no matter how false or rediculous to further their agenda.

So, the end on a Happy note, I will bid you a fond farewell in the Wiccan tradition with the phrase, "Blessed Be"!

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